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Franklin Rack and Drive Med Size Franklin MCI

Motorized Microscope Stage
Franklin manufactures its stages from precision aluminum plates. They are machined to exacting standards to provide for a high quality and "flat" operating stage.

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Franklin Bridge Stand for 8x8 Motorized_Stage Franklin MCI

Bridge Stand
Bridge Stand for motorized 8x8 stage Franklin MCI customizes each bridge stand based on the optics and stage you need.

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Franklin Measuring System Franklin MCI

High Precision Measuring Stage
Franklin Motorized Measuring Stage High Precision/Measuring Stages are for applications that require micron level accuracy.

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Franklin 2Axis Joystick Controller with Stepper Motors Franklin MCI

Stepper Motor Controller
Model #STM-200J Franklin MCI has several models of stepper motor controllers available.

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Franklin Z Column Franklin MCI

Model# Z-1000M Motorized Z-Column The Model #Z-1000 Manual Column has a knob/spin handle for raising and lowering the Z-motion with ease.

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Franklin Wafer attachments Franklin MCI

Wafer Attachments
Wafer Attachement components Wafer handling attachments are used for microscope inspecting of semi-conductor wafers and masks. Front load and side load are typically used.

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